7 Steps to Download your WhatsApp Messages - Android

A step by step guide of how to download your chat history from WhatsApp on Android devices.
This will include all your messages and media attachments such as: links, photos, videos and voice messages.

Step - 1

Open WhatsApp

Step - 2

Select the chat

Select the chat you want to download.

Step - 3

Tap on ‘Settings’

menu and settings on whatsapp app to download messages

Step - 4

Tap on ‘More’

Step - 5

Tap on ‘Export Chat’

Step - 6

Tap on ‘Without Media’️

Including Media will limit the amount of messages you can download to max 10k, compared to 40k if without media. TextVibes App solves this by locating the media on your device and adds it to your chat after the download.

Step - 7

Share with TextVibes

Share the Whatsapp file with TextVibes and you are all done! Discover more about TextVibes below.

What is TextVibes?

TextVibes lets you rediscover your old messages.
Open your messages with TextVibes to organize your chat history and find the best moments from your past.

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