12 Steps to download your Instagram Direct Messages - iOS

A step by step guide of how to download your chat history from Instagram, on your Apple device.
The download will include all your messages, links, photos, videos and voice messages.

Step - 1

Open ‘Instagram App’

Open your Instagram app.

Step - 2

Go to ‘Menu’

Tap on the bottom right hand corner menu, the button with the 3 horizontal lines.

Step - 3

Tap on ‘Settings’

Step - 4

Tap on ‘Security’

Step - 5

Tap on ‘Download data’

Step - 6

Tap ‘Request Download’

Here confirm your email address, this is where your data will be sent.

Step - 7

Wait ⏱️

Instagram takes an average of 15 minutes to create your file. But, it may take up to 48 hours. Once ready, you'll get a notification on your Instagram app and a link on your email.

Step - 8

Tap on ‘Download Data’

Step - 9

Download Part 1, Only!

Download Part 1 to your device. The others parts will contain other Instagram data, but not messages. Those are only kept in Part 1.

Step - 10

Long Press for Share Menu

Open your Downloads folder and navigate to the .zip file from Instagram. Don’t unzip it! Just long press on it to share.

Step - 11

Tap on ‘Share’

Step - 12

Share with TextVibes

Share with TextVibes and the app will take it from there. All done!

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