The only way you can save your text memories

2021-06-25 By Kristen Elmes

Why are our memories important to us?

Memories form the foundation of everything we do. We are our memories. Our memories have shaped the way we act, behave or understand certain situations. That's what makes us all so different and unique. Memories hold a special place in our hearts as they are linked to different emotions whether it be love, happiness, sadness, anger or nostalgia.

How our lives have changed

As much as we would all love to remember everything, it is clear that is not possible. In the past photographs and videos were our best friends. They let us create little treasure boxes in the form of photo albums and home video's. However, unfortunately we have moved towards living busier and more stressful lives as we pack our days full with extra tasks. So, now we rather save, backup and restore information, files or in this case memories on hard drives and laptops.

How Technology is helping us

It's not the fact that we don't find value in holding onto our memories, it's the fact that we are not setting time aside to do what makes us happy. Creating scrapbooks, photo albums or home video's are time consuming tasks that we often leave for another day that just never comes. Luckily, technology has helped by making digital forms of our "downtime activities" so we can do them on the move.

We now listen to podcasts, books or lectures while cooking dinner. We create digital collages or scrapbook's in a few minutes. And we message our friends and catch up with them instantly. So, when we think about it most of our lives are being automatically saved on our phones. It has become second nature to scroll through our photo's and video's to reminisce on past memories.

But What About Text Messages?

We share basically everything we do, see or experience through our chats. Shockingly, we actually have more memories in our chats than anything else. We have every bit .. the good, bad and ugly. Think about when you were texting your bff about the guy you had a crush on or when you were messaging your friends to make plans for the weekend. Imagine being able to relive the excitement you felt when you were planning a holiday? Or the nerves you felt when you saw the message "exam marks are out"? Well, you no longer have to picture this anymore.

Organising your texts

Just as we take pictures and look back on them to keep our memories fresh. We should hold onto our past conversations to re-read, re-discover and relive those moments. Yes, organising your photo's into an album after a holiday is often a dreaded task (I can confirm that) and the thought of organising thousands of texts daily seems even tougher. But, we are in luck as technology saves the day again. TextVibes has created a simple solution for us so we can easily access our most meaningful text memories. It's an app that lets us store and organise our most prized possessions into digital diaries so we don't ever lose them. Now, we have the luxury of remembering every message typed, saved or sent. Keep your text memories alive with TextVibes.


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