How to Download Facebook Messenger Conversations on iOS (free)

2021-07-31 By Kristen Elmes

Everyone uses Facebook Messenger for different reasons whether it be to establish business or personal relations. However, individuals still want to save their chats off of Messenger to ensure they don't lose their data. Now, Facebook Messenger allows you to download your data off their application. More specifically, Messenger let's you download your chats along with other aspects such as your pictures and posts. This article will outline 2 free methods to download Messenger conversations.

The two methods to download Messenger conversations are:

  1. Download Messenger Conversations with TextVibes (Free)
  2. Download Messenger Conversations via the Web (mobile or desktop)
1. Download Facebook Messenger Conversations with TextVibes (free)

TextVibes is an app that can be downloaded off App Store or Play Store. It allows you to backup your chats from Messenger easily. There are simple steps you can follow on the TextVibes app, the TextVibes website or the TextVibes YouTube channel to guide you with how to download your files correctly. The tutorials clearly outline how you can save your data off of Messenger by giving you step-by-step instructions and images displaying what you should be seeing on your screen during the process. Furthermore, the application also provides a simple yet effective way of organising your chats as you can re-read your messages and save them into diaries based on different categories. If you would like to backup your Messenger conversations using TextVibes follow the steps below:


The first step you will need to do is download the TextVibes app. You will do this logging onto your App Store or Play Store account and searching for "TextVibes". Once you have done that then open your Facebook application to start the download process. Facebook only allows you to download your Messenger conversations by physically opening the Facebook app itself. Unfortunately you cannot download your Messenger conversations by not launching the Facebook app first. More specifically, Facebook requires you to request your data from Messenger.


Once you have opened your Facebook account look at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the button that has three horizontal lines that are used to represent the menu button.


Once you have tapped on the menu button tap on "settings". Then you will need to scroll through your settings menu until you see "Settings & Privacy", click on that. This will then make a "settings" button appear below the "Setting & Privacy" option, click on it.


The next step is to actually ask Facebook to download your conversation histories. To do this you will need to scroll down to the "Your Facebook Information" section. Once you have done that tap on "Download Your Information". This will start the process of you downloading your Instagram chat histories.


The next step will require you to click on "Deselect All". The image below shows you where the button is to locate "Deselect All". You will need to do this because all of your Facebook data is pre-selected so by clicking on "Deselect All" it will speed up the download process.


You must then scroll down and click on "Messages" only. You will do this by only ticking the box next to "Messages". This will then request Facebook to download only your Messenger conversations. By only selecting "Messages" you will make the file size smaller which will make the processing and download time quicker.


Once you have selected "Messages" scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Create File". When you have tapped on "Create File" you will be able to adjust the "Data Range" aswell as the "Media Quality". You can also leave the original options as they work too.


You will now need to wait patiently as Facebook is processing your request. Facebook usually takes an average of 15 minutes to create your file. However, it can take up to 48 hours so you will just need to be patient. Once Facebook has processed your file, you will get a notification on your Facebook app aswell as a link in your email.


Once you have received the notification from Facebook click on the link in the email or in the notification. It will re-direct you to a page where you can click to download your messaging data.


Once you have clicked on the button to download your messaging data go and open your "Download" folder on your mobile device. Then look for the Facebook .zip file and long press (hold down on) the file so you can share it. It is vital that you do not unzip your file.


Once you have long pressed on the zip file it will bring up different options as to what you can do with your file, click on "share". This will then navigate you to a list of all the share options.


Scroll through the list of the different apps you can share your file with and click on "TextVibes". This will send your Messenger chat histories to TextVibes. By doing this you have downloaded your Messenger chat histories securely so you will be able to easily restore your messages in the future.


You have now successfully downloaded your Facebook Messenger chat histories. If you would like to access your Messenger chat histories open the TextVibes app you downloaded. All your Messenger conversations have been stored securely there. If you would like to make use of TextVibes full potential you can choose between two options to restore your chat histories. The first option let's you find a chat by specific date. If you would like to find a conversation that happened on a specific date click on "Pick A Day". This will open up a calendar that you can scroll through and click on the date you are looking for. The second option is if you want to let Artificial Intelligence find a memory hidden in your chat histories. If you would like to see a memory selected for you tap on "Daily Surprise". If you click on "Daily Surprise" a memory will appear and you will be given the choice whether you want to save the memory or not. If you save the memory you can choose which diaries the memory will be added to. Some examples of different diaries are: the person's name you had that conversation with, different emotions such as happy, sad and romantic or different events such as anniversary, food or medical. You will then be able to re-visit all your Messenger conversations that you saved in your diaries easily.

Download TextVibes for Free

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2. Download Messenger Conversations via the Web

People want to download their Messenger conversations for different reasons such as:

  • You run a business through a Facebook Page and you would like to keep a record of your users
  • You would like to save your conversations from a friend or relative so you do not misplace your conversations

If you would like to use the web to download your Messenger conversations follow the simple steps below. You can make use of these steps on both your cell phone or your laptop/ desktop.

  1. Open up google and search and log into your Facebook account.
  2. If you are doing this on your phone click on the menu button found at the top right corner of your screen. On the other hand, if you are doing this on your laptop/ desktop click on the small triangle found at the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Now select the settings option.
  4. The next step you will need to do is select the "Your Facebook Information" button. Once you have clicked on that then click on "Download your Information".
  5. This will then show you a list of your Facebook information that you could create a copy of. Out of the list displayed, one of the options will be “Your Messages". Deselect all the other options and only select the “Your Messages” option from the list.
  6. Then, you can click on the option “All of my Data” or you can choose what data range you want to download by clicking on “Date Range”.
  7. Next, you can choose what format to download your data in. The two options you can choose between are HTML or JSON file. Both will work but the JSON format is recommended.
  8. Finally, you must select the media quality you want to download your Messenger conversations in. The options are either Low, Medium or High.
  9. Once you have done that tap on the button "create file". It can take Facebook between 15 minutes and 48 hours to process your request depending on your file size.
  10. Once Facebook has processed your file request you will receive a notification from Facebook either on the Facebook app or on your email. This will let you access the downloadable file of your Messenger conversations.
  11. You will now be able to download your Messenger conversations by choosing the Facebook zip file from the list of downloadable files provided.
  12. By selecting that file you will be able to download the file that contains your Messenger conversations and you will be able to open the file and view your conversations saved.

The article above clearly shows that there are different methods that you can use to download Messenger conversations. More specifically, the article provided detailed explanations for 2 free methods that you can use to download Messenger conversations. However, regardless of the method you pick to use, you must try make a concerted effort to start downloading your Messenger conversations regularly. This will benefit you in the future as you will save yourself the hassle of not losing, misplacing or deleting your Messenger conversations.

Download TextVibes for Free

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