How to Download Facebook Messages on iOS

2021-08-14 By Kristen Elmes

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms of all times. It started off being a platform based on rating school book images but has transformed into a platform many use to maintain business and personal relations. As users increase the amount they share online they become more aware that they want to create a backup of their data too. Users are now wanting to download their Facebook messages on alternative platforms as iCloud has various limitations.

Some of the limitations or drawbacks of backing up data on iCloud can be:

  • If your Wi-Fi is not stable
  • The iCloud server is down
  • You are charging your device while downloading your messages
  • Improper network settings

If you have come across these hurdles this article is for you. This article aims to outline alternative methods to download Facebook messages.

The two methods that will be outlined in the article below:

  1. Download Facebook messages via TextVibes
  2. Download Facebook messages onto your computer
1. Download Facebook messages via TextVibes

TextVibes is an app that can be downloaded off App Store or Play Store. It allows you to backup your chats from Messenger easily. There are simple steps you can follow on the TextVibes app, the TextVibes website or the TextVibes YouTube channel to guide you with how to download your files correctly. The tutorials clearly outline how you can save your data off of Messenger by giving you step-by-step instructions and images displaying what you should be seeing on your screen during the process. Furthermore, the application also provides a simple yet effective way of organising your chats as you can re-read your messages and save them into diaries based on different categories. If you would like to backup your Messenger conversations using TextVibes follow the steps below:


To make use of this method you will first need to download the TextVibes app off the App Store or Play Store. Then open your Facebook app to start the process of downloading your Facebook messages. You will need to do this as Facebook only allows you to download your messages by physically opening the Facebook app itself. Unfortunately, you can't download your Facebook messages if you do not launch the Facebook app first. More specifically, Facebook needs you to request your data from Messenger to activate the download process.


Now that you have opened your Facebook account navigate yourself to the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on the icon that has three horizontal lines that are used to represent the menu button.


Now that you have clicked on the menu button click on "settings". You will now need to scroll down through your settings menu until you can see "Settings & Privacy", when you see it click on it. This will make a "settings" button appear below the "Setting & Privacy" option, tap on it.


Now you will need to actually ask Facebook to download your Facebook messages history. To do this, scroll down until you see the "Your Facebook Information" section. Once you can see it, click on "Download Your Information". This will start the process of you downloading your Facebook messages.


The next thing you will need to do is click on "Deselect All". The image below shows you what your screen should look like and where you will locate "Deselect All". This is required because all of your Facebook data is pre-selected so if you click on "Deselect All" it will speed up the download process. This will make the process of downloading your Facebook messages a lot less complicated and time consuming.


You will then need to scroll down and tap on "Messages" only. You can do this by only ticking the box next to "Messages". By doing this it will then request Facebook to only download your Messenger conversations. More specifically, as you have only selected "Messages" it will reduce the file size which will speed up the process of downloading Facebook messages.


Once you have selected "Messages" scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on "Create File". Once you have clicked on "Create File" you will then be able to adjust the "Data Range" and the "Media Quality". I suggest you leave the original options as they work too.


This step requires you to be patient. Facebook is currently processing your data. It can take between 15 minutes and 48 hours for Facebook to create your file. Once Facebook has processed your file, you will then get a notification on your Facebook application and an email from Facebook.


Now that you have got the notification from Facebook tap on the link found in the email or notification they sent you. Once you have tapped on the link it will re-direct you to a page that you can click on download your messaging data.


Now that you have tapped on the button to download your Facebook messages open your "Download" folder that can be found on your mobile device. Look for the Facebook .zip file and long press (hold down on the file) once it selects the file you will be given options on how you want to share the file. It is important that you do not unzip your file.


Now that you have long pressed (held down) on the zip file it will bring up various options of what you can do with your file, click on "share". This will then show you to a list of all the share options.


Scroll through the list of share options you are given of the different apps you can share your file with and click on "TextVibes". This will send your downloaded Facebook messages with TextVibes. Now you will have downloaded Facebook messages securely which will allow you to easily retrieve and restore your Facebook messages.


Your Facebook messages have now been downloaded successfully. If you want to access your downloaded Facebook messages open the TextVibes app you downloaded in step 1. All your Facebook messages have been stored securely there. If you want to make full use of TextVibes potential you can choose between two functions to restore your Facebook messages. The first option let's you find a Facebook message by specific date. If you would like to find a Facebook message that happened on a specific date click on "Pick A Day". This will open a calendar that you can scroll through and tap on the date you are looking for. The second function is if you would like to let Artificial Intelligence (AI) find a memory hidden in your Facebook messages history. If you would like to see a memory selected for you click on "Daily Surprise". If you tap on "Daily Surprise" a memory will appear and you will be given the choice if you want to save the memory or not. If you save the memory you select which diaries the memory will be added to. Some examples being: the person's name you had the Facebook message from, different emotions such as sad, happy and romantic or different events such as anniversary, food or school. You will then be able to restore and retrieve all your Facebook messages that you saved in your diaries easily.

If you are on an Android device you can also download and save Facebook messages with TextVibes. Click the link below to be re-directed to the Android tutorial to download Facebook messages.

Facebook Android Tutorial

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There are other ways you can save your Facebook messages such as using third party app's. If you google "download Facebook messages" there will be options to download different app's that will let you sync your Facebook account to their app and you can backup your Facebook messages to their server.

2. Download Facebook messages onto your computer

If you would rather have your Facebook messages saved onto your computer follow these simple steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook web page on your browser and sign into your Facebook account so you can access its main interface. Click on the blue arrow found at the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Now you will need to select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. While this is happening tap on the hyperlink with the title name "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom.
  3. You can now see a popping-up screen with "Download Your Information".
  4. Click on "Start My Archive" button which will start the downloading process. It will start downloading your personal archive which will include your Facebook photographs, posts and messages.
  5. You will now need to enter your password in and click on "Submit" to start the Facebook data downloading process.
  6. Tap onto "Start My Archive" when you see the "Request My Download" window appear.
  7. Later a message will pop up saying that you will be notified by email when your file is ready to be downloaded. Select "OK" and login to the email account that you used to create your Facebook profile.
  8. Navigate yourself to that email page and open the email from Facebook to confirm. A few moments later, you will receive another email from Facebook that will say the download is ready.
  9. Tap onto the given download link and return back to your Facebook page.
  10. Click onto "Download My Archive" and enter your Facebook password in to download your Facebook data.
  11. You will now need to unzip the downloaded file and find the "messages.html" folder.
  12. Once you have done that you can export, print or share your Facebook messages when needed.

I hope these two methods solve your issue on downloading Facebook messages securely. If all else fails and you have no idea how to save Facebook messages on Android or download Facebook messages on iOS, you should check out the TextVibes YouTube page for video demonstrations, email TextVibes for quick responses or check our the tutorials page on the TextVibes website.

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